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Here's a list of brands that Purposed 4 Destiny proudly supports and trusts.

Honor's Love: Keep the Fire Burning

Keep the fire burning ministry is a call to connection in maintaining a righteous relationship with God. It serves as a reminder that we can quench the Holy Spirit. How do we quench the Holy Spirit? We quench it by becoming consumed with the cares of this world, becoming overly involved with the issues of life, and putting things before God. His first commandment is Thou shall not have no other God before me, See Exodus. The mission is to encourage the children of God to maintain a righteous relationship with God through prayer, supplication, and fasting. 

The website is currently under construction but you can be the first to own these candles by emailing Honor Daye to order.

churlhandmade pouches images.jpg

Cheryl Prioleau on Etsy as ChurlsHandmade

She is a creator of crochet; Ear & Neck warmers, Drawstring Bags, Scarves and so much more. Check out her beautiful creations on Etsy.

I'm In Time
lisacover and pic.jpg

Lisa Walden has managed to bring home the concept of time, and God being "in time" through the pages of this narrative. Gripping, nail-biting, and inspiring - I'm In Time" keeps you turning pages as you watch God unfold life-changing events in this novel.

It is an absolute must-read!!

You can purchase it on Amazon. Please support the author and get you a copy, you won't be disappointed!

Broken Crayons Still Do Color

God Specializes in Healing Ministry

Host Lady Robin 

Monthly Sessions Virtually

email address:

She can be reached by email at for upcoming sessions that are held once a month virtually.

Shakira Nicole

Shakira is a natural motivator. She has a strong desire to help those around her improve the overall quality of their mental, emotional, & spiritual health and well-being through education, motivational content & counseling services.

A licensed master social worker, Shakira currently resides in Charleston SC where she works as an elementary school counselor and is busy creating her own social emotional tools and curriculum for school systems. 

Renee's Creations
Renee creation photo card for advertisment.jpg

If it's a monetary gift you want to give to a loved one, family, friend co-worker or church member, I have the perfect gift for you. Why not make that moment a special one with one of my creations. Renee's Creation creates for every occasion. 

• Money Hat • Money Birthday Cake, • Money Tie • Money Graduate Cake   • Baby Pamper Shower Cake

"Made Especially for You by Renee Y. Parker" Contact the creator of these designs at for more information and prices .. The Monetary Gifts may vary depending upon the monetary gift's amount 

Shades of  Breakthrough
yvette book image cover sheet.jpg

Have you found yourself in a shattered place, picking up and putting together pieces of your life only to find that just when you think you have it all together, you discover that something is missing? In the process of reconstructing and mending, you realize that somewhere along the way you have lost parts of you. Like a shattered vase put together by amateur hands, you find there is still some evidence of the breakage and even some gaps that need to be filled to restore your life. You end up believing your breakthrough is in sight, but instead, you take a good look in the mirror and realize that you can no longer identify with the person you see... Author Yvette M. Brooks invites you to read and experience her journey to breakthrough and prays that you will gain from her experiences, insights, and lessons learned as you also take a personal look at the reflection in your own mirror.

Destiny by Design

The Destiny by Design creates a one-of-a-kind showpiece that is designed with you in mind. Her pieces are unique and authentic. They're show-stoppers!. For more information, you can follow the link below. 

Destiny by Design

Loretta A Jones

Jewelry Creator

"Jewelry Designed with You in Mind"

Email address:

Business Phone: 347-474-8449

Red Tent Ministries
Minister Theresa Phillips (3).png

The Red Tent Ministries' mission is to reach women from all walks of life. Our focus is to provide resources and information to assist with transformation in every area of their lives. The Red Tent Ministries aspire to build up women who have been weakened through the uncertainty of life; to empower them in these areas and turn their barriers into triumphs both naturally and spiritually. The Red Tent Ministries' mission is to support and undergird our sisters, to love on our sisters, to share with our sisters, and to be accountable for our sisters. We can and shall be the tool that is known to be iron that sharpens iron.

The Red Tent Ministries stands on Philippians 4:13
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Oh Baby Creations
Yvette Brook Creations Shop.jpg

Baby Bibs. Blankets. Attire.Favors by Yvette.

Custom Designed/ Personalized Items are my Specialty!!! 

IG: @Brooksybizzin & @Brooksycreations2022


YMB Publishing and Consulting Services

• Writing | Design Coach

• Development of Journal / Book Concept

• Turn your publishing vision into reality

• Full-Color Custom Designed Cover

• Turn your published book into a journal

• Step by Step Consultation

• Goal Setting & Accountability

• Hands-on encouragement & contribution

• Flexible Turn Around Time

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